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ScratchyCats - The Story so Far

ScratchyCats the story so far

Something we get asked time and time again here at ScratchyCats is - "how did you get into building cat scratching posts?" True that it is a bit of a random career direction and certainly an unusual one so how did it all start?

It all started as I was stood in a well known pet superstore (you know the one with the green logo) looking at the cat scratching posts for my rescue cat 'Twinkle'. Twinkle was a young 2 year old cat who had a hard start to life. She was ill-behaved and was literally ripping my house to pieces. Attacking everything from the sofa, to the textured wall paper, leather dining room chairs and even my feet.

We'd had cats in our family all my life, so I knew then that scratching was an important part of a cats life and development. I knew that I wouldn't be able to stop the cat scratching, but instead had to provide an alternative solution that the cat would prefer and save the house from further damage. It was then that I ended up in the pet superstore looking at the cat scratching posts.

First of all, I thought to myself these are ugly and I didn't really want any of them in my house. Then I started to inspect the posts and grab hold of them and see what sort of cat punishment they could handle. I was shocked at how flimsy, weak and poorly made they were and then I saw the price tags and it's at that moment I walked out of the shop empty handed. I went into a few local pet shops and found similar poorly made products. A quick search on the internet confirmed that almost all of the available cat scratching posts were not up to the job in my opinion.

One weekend I decided to have a go at making a sturdy, chunky cat scratching post for Twinkle. It took a long time and several attempts to get a decent enough scratcher - but the minute I put the finished version into the house Twinkle was all over it within minutes. A few weeks later I built another one exactly the same and placed upstairs and ever since that moment the house had been saved from any further damage.

Someone said to me - "why don't you sell them on eBay". So I put a few on eBay and ScratchyCats was born. A few months later I had a web site and we were selling a few posts every week. A few years on and ScratchyCats is now my full time job based from our own small workshop in Devon.

The designs have developed considerably since the first model and after a few breakages in the very early days I redesigned the construction of the main post body. This inner core forms the basis of every post we sell and to be honest they are over engineered and as one of our customers said in some feedback on eBay - "built like a battleship!"

After exhibiting at a few shows we kept coming up against the same comments - "They look nice but our cat doesn't use scratching posts", or "ours prefers the sofa." I found this frustrating because I knew that from my own experience with Twinkle, even the worst behaved cats will scratch a ScratchyCats post. It was then that I had the idea for the Catisfaction Guarantee. This gives doubters a no risk money back guarantee so that if their cat doesn't use our products they can return it to us for a full refund. Since starting the Catisfaction Guarantee in 2012 only 1 customer has ever returned a product to us. This itself is something we're extremely proud of and further demonstrates the success of our products.

So what makes our posts so attractive to the cat? It's not rocket science really. Our posts are heavy giving it stability when the cat scratches it. They are sturdy, strong, robust and chunky. Everything we know your cat will love.

Ever since day one there have been doubters who say "you make cat scratching posts? why would you want to do that?", and this is something I've never understood. Sure, I'll never be a millionaire, but to be honest I'm not sure I'd want to be. I'm not just building scratching posts, I'm building a brand with a reputation for high quality long lasting products. I work my own hours, and am my own boss. I have hundreds of happy customers and more importantly, hundreds of happy cats!

So what's next for ScratchyCats? I'd like to grow the business so that my wife Clare can come and work at ScratchyCats full time. At the moment it's not financially possible for us to achieve this but we're hopeful that we will continue to grow the business and one day this dream may become a reality.


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