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Luxury Large Cat Tree with 2 Beds

New Luxury Large Cat Tree with 2 Large Beds

This quality cat tree is a substantial piece of handmade cat furniture made right here in the UK.

Designed for 2 cat households, this is a tall, sturdy design that stands at over 1.6 metres tall. Featuring 6 of our proven chunky scratch poles the largest of which is a massive 1 metre tall. With 2 large beds with rigid sides set at offset heights, your cats will both have their own bed.

Choose from over 30 different colours for the fleece lined beds and platforms - or why not mix and match and have a multi-coloured design.

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Cat Tree 019

Luxury Large Cat Tree Furniture with Platforms

Strong, sturdy cat tree. 30 different colour options. 10mm sisal rope...


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4 Bed Tower

4 Bed Cat Tower

Expandable tower system. 4 very large beds. 30 different colour options. Very wide post. Very heavy...

from 379.99

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Original Regular

100% Sisal Large and Chunky Cat Scratching Post

Choose from 40cm - 80cm tall, very strong, sturdy post built to last...

from 22.99

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Giant with Bed

Giant Cat Scratching Post with Large Bed

Choose from 40cm - 80cm tall. Very large bed. Very sturdy. 30 different colour options...

from 64.99

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The Rocket

Cool Rocket Cat Scratching Post

You choose the height of the 'rocket'. Chunky 10mm 100% natural sisal rope, very strong...

from 39.99

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2 Bed Tower

2 Bed Cat Tower

Expandable tower system. 2 very large beds. 30 different colour options. Very wide post. Very heavy...

from 199.99

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The Maine Coon Cat Scratching Post

This is an enormous cat scratching post and has been designed for big/heavy cats such as Maine Coons. It benefits from a large, dual core, heavy base which gives the post stability. The post itself is wide, tall and heavy and features over 150 metres of our 10mm chunky premium quality Brazilian sisal rope. There is no better cat scratcher on the market for your Maine Coon or large cat. This is a quality handmade scratching post and is extremely strong and robust.

"Arrived this morning! Unpacked, put together (very easy and good) and three minutes later see photo. We, and most importantly Tabasco and Indigo could not be more delighted. Really firm and strong post. It will take the little varmints quite a time to demolish this one!!"

Made in Great Britain
Made in Great Britain

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